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Somatic awareness for leaders is the ability to understand and use bodily sensations and cues to make better decisions, connect with others, and lead with greater emotional intelligence.

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Jennifer Zach is the author of the book "Somatic Awareness: Leading with Body Intelligence," and collaborates with executive health clinics and wellness centers to foster holistic health for high-performance leadership. 

Drawing from her book 'Somatic Awareness: Leading with Body Intelligence,' Jennifer brings a unique approach to coaching that emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and effective leadership. By merging this philosophy with partnerships in executive health clinics and wellness centers, Jennifer offers a comprehensive framework to cultivate somatic awareness, resilience, and peak performance in today's fast-paced business landscape. Together, Jennifer and her partners pave the way for leaders to excel in their careers and overall well-being.


"Somatic Awareness: Leading with Body Intelligence" is a leader's guide to less stress and enhanced leadership. Explore how body cues elevate emotional intelligence and decision-making, fostering better communication, wellness, and team success. 

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Executive Health Clinics and Wellness Centers

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High-Performance Leadership From The Inside Out

Align your client's physical and emotional well-being with support from Zach Coaching. We collaborate with executive health clinics and wellness centers to foster holistic health for high-performance leadership.

Our Services:

  • Virtual Consultation Session Preview: Explore and Experience


  • Somatic Strategies: Embodied Solutions for Leading with Body Intelligence


  • Integrative Learning: Holistic Development Approach


  • Expert Resource Navigation: Suggested Quality Resources for Supported Learning


  • Unlimited Email Access: Ongoing Support and Communication



Jennifer, a recognized thought leader in leadership and somatic awareness, passionately educates leaders through engaging speaking engagements. Her expertise, featured in Choice Magazine, the professional coaching magazine, and esteemed conferences like ATD's ALC, Iowa SHRM, DisruptHR, and more, resonates widely.


Popular topics she covers include:

  • Embodied Curiosity: Unleashing Innovation and Growth through Somatic Awareness

  • Building Psychological Safety: Empowering Teams for Success through Somatic Awareness

  • Harnessing Somatic Awareness for Genuine Connection and Leadership



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