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Snag your bonus workbook when you order your copy of Somatic Awareness: Leading with Body Intelligence

I'm on a mission to fuel your leadership journey with the profound impact of somatic awareness. My deep passion lies in showcasing how the cultivation of somatic awareness can significantly shape your personal and professional growth, influence the world around you, and enrich your connections within your organization and team.


The bonus workbook assists you in applying the book's teachings, amplifying the impact on your life and leadership. I encourage you to share the workbook download, but kindly request two things:

  1. Ask those you share it with to consider purchasing the book and

  2. Write a review on Amazon. Reviews play a pivotal role in guiding others toward impactful reads. Your review can help spread the message about the transformative power of somatic awareness. Thank you in advance!

After securing your copy of the book, please complete the adjacent form to receive your bonus workbook!

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